Learning to KISS

A common misconception with logo design is that it has to describe everything there is to know about your company in one single brand mark. Both amateur and professional designers are all guilty, at one point or another, of being “too clever” and creating a horrendously overcomplicated logo. Simply put, before starting a design or advertising project it is vital that you learn how to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

For example, this coffee shop logo to the left begins with a fairly basic and simple black and white logo design (top right). At a quick glance, the logo works for the most part – we’re not quite sold on the font choice and the coffee cup illustration – but when the designer applies it to cups and coaster concepts, things really start to get messy.

A lot of times, people and designers feel the need to illustrate the business name in their logos. In this case, rolling hills with a hint of road was added to convey the message of “coffee on the go”, and literally illustrate the “Espresso Lane”. This concept may have worked, but the inclusion of the coffee cup begins to complicate things and makes the visuals feel a bit crowded. Throw in some steam for good measure  and you have yourself all the workings of a bad logo.

With so many elements and ideas, the once straightforward design has now become a struggle to look at, with the main message, (which should be the Company name) now takes second place to all of the other graphic elements. In short, the designer should have remembered to KISS.

Can you think of any examples of logos that might have fallen victim to too much creativity? How does your  logo work to promote your business? Click here to schedule a design/logo consultation today.