Associates International

A local Oahu real estate brand, Associates International was frequently featured in Luxury Homes Magazine, dealing primarily with high end luxury real estate across the state of Hawaii and marketing themselves to both local and international clientele.


For their logo, Associates International gave us a rough outline of a fleur de lis. A stylized depiction of the Iris, the fleur de lis is probably best known as the symbol of the French Royalty; appearing throughout history on French scepters and coat of arms.

In taking the concept of royalty associated with the iconic image of the fleur de lis, Associates International wanted to rebrand and modernize the idea behind the symbol to represent one of elegance and luxury by create a logo that would highlight the beautiful elegance and geometry of the traditional French symbol. Working off of the rough sketch,  the logo was scanned and placed into Adobe Illustrator, which was then vectorized and colored. In order to maintain the fleur de lis’ classic elegance, a simple red color scheme was used.   Rather than gradients, we chose a more traditional approach, using different variations of color to create an elegant design reminiscent of a classic stone Renaissance piece.

*Update: The Associates International logo is now being used for the owner’s luxury concierge company, Luxe Illimite.