Hawaii Optimum Performance

Founded in 2002, by owners Ross Oshiro and Kevin Chang, Hawaii Optimum Performance has become Hawaii’s premiere sports performance training company, offering a number of signature programs for all sports and ages.

With the recent addition of their newest partner, NFL All Pro Defensive End and Pro Bowl MVP Michael Bennett in 2017, Hawaii Optimum Performance now looks to become a Summer training destination for professional NFL athletes.

To help meet this goal, the owners approached us to help redesign their current website, which was plagued with broken links, outdated articles and an extremely confusing sitemap.

Because the original site had not been updated in quite some time and was nearly impossible to navigate, the initial task for us was to create a simple landing page with a direct call to action.

Once that was complete, we began working with the owners to really hone in and develop their message and brand.

The result is a simple, yet effective website design, which has helped to triple the company’s leads.