IQS Power Sports Band Blister Pack

In the years surrounding 2010, power sports bands using “holographic or energy technology” became a major trend in Australia and North America, with high profile companies such as Power Balance gaining endorsements from major celebrities and athletes. Everyone from children to grandparents could be seen sporting a band around their wrist or necks, and businesses specializing in energy products were scrambling to meet demand. Wanting to take advantage of this new found interest in energy products, Intelligent Quantum Solutions (IQS) decided to expand their product line of energy pendants and bracelets to include more durable and affordable sports band products.

Created for IQS’s line of Active Power Sports Bands, the packaging is reflective of IQS’s “energy health product” objective by using a simple and straight forward front design layout. Utilizing a basic blue color scheme as a foundation for the sports band’s branding with a subtle fractal design element for a bit of background variation. The orange and green colors were chosen to compliment each other, and really “pop” against the blue background, helping the grab the viewer’s attention and focus it on the packaging’s key phrases.

The rear packaging design work includes  a custom vector illustration of the sports band, along with a brief description of the product.