Jen Construction Brochure

Jen Construction is a full service, family owned contracting firm on the island of Oahu. Established in 2005, the company had gone nearly 10 years with virtually no advertising or branding, other than their logo; used only on business cards. Using only word of mouth to generate business, the company’s primary demographic was family friends and local small business owners.

In recent years, the owners of Jen Construction have wanted to expand their company and begin working with higher end clientele, such as architects, interior designers and commercial realtors. Also wanting to make a transition from residential to commercial construction projects, the owners of the company came to us to create a marketing piece which they could use as a conversation starter to highlight the quality service and professional work that their company provides. Taking into account that the brochure would be used primarily in meetings with architectural design firms and commercial developers, we decided to keep everything simple; using a total of 6 images to highlight various commercial projects the company has done in the past.

To help with the brochure’s content/copy, we also brought in Lindsey Kesel of Word Rescue Co. Incorporating a simple grid layout for the images, coupled with Lindsey’s writing, set against a plain white backdrop; the single fold brochure is both a straightforward and elegant marketing piece.