Jessica Gauthier R(B) Newsletter Mailer

In the age of the internet and digital marketing, the traditional newsletter mailer has almost become a thing of the past. which makes this particular project one of my all time favorites to date. Created for Hilo Real Estate Agent and Property Manager, Jessica Gauthier (RB), this unique newsletter design features custom illustrations and a fun, retro styled layout design.

For Real Estate Agents, personal branding is key to standing out from their competitors. And while some of the agents we’ve worked with were initially a bit indecisive when it came to describing their brand, Jessica was extremely specific; stating that she wanted her newsletter to be “Bright, colorful, and fun…with a Mid Century Modern/Pop art aesthetic.”

Something I really enjoy, but don’t do enough are illustration projects, so hearing the words “Pop Art,” not only peaked my interest, but also got me thinking of the creative potential a project like this would have for an newsletter mailer.

Long story short, Jessica’s Newsletter features a Jetsons inspired Avatar of her, residing in a bright retro colored world of Hawaii at the turn of the Century; filled with 1950’s inspired poster art, mid century modern architecture and design. -jz