When Kauai Realtor Martie Law first reached out to me for help developing a quarterly newsletter for her Property Management/Real Estate business, I just assumed that she was intending to target a luxury clientele like many of outer island Realtors we’ve worked with over the years.

Upon our first phone conversation, however, it came as a pleasant surprise that she wanted very little to do with investors and luxury clients, and instead wanted to educate, inspire and help local residents fulfill their dream of owning their own property/home on Kauai.

Born and raised on the east side of Kauai, it was immediately clear that Martie’s brand culture should center on the local community and lifestyle of the island, primarily in Wailua and Kapaa. With this idea in mind, Martie’s newsletter features local interest sections, as well as short real estate related stories and client success stories, meant to inspire and inform her clients and readers on ways that they too can go from renting to owning.

Playfully titled “Stay Local,” the Newsletter’s cover also features an original, hand painted watercolor illustration, meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia and feeling of “Old Hawaii.”