Sacred Jewels of Mu Ad

Sacred Jewels of Mu was a local Hawaiian Jewelry shop, located on Waikiki’s famous Beach Walk. Based upon ancient Polynesian mythology of the lost civilization of Mu (similar to the story of Atlantis), the jewelry brand combinines the traditional and mystical aspects of Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage with modern jewelry styles. Each pendent created by Sacred Jewels of Mu is a unique take on fashion and Hawaiian mythology; crafted with intricate details and hand embedded precious gem stones.

For the ad, the client wanted to create a design which highlighted the intricate details and precious jewels featured on its signature hand crafted jewelry. Featuring an ornate decorative border with a minimal macro photograph of it’s signature “Letter” pendents against a simple black background, the ad immediately draws the viewer’s eye towards the beautifully carved details in the gold and silver pendent jewelry, before leading them to the store’s information and map of its store location.