Hilo Bay

Acrylic on Illustration Board

For her marketing collateral, our client Jessica Gauthier, owner of Salt Water Real Estate on the Big Island,  wanted a photo that featured Hilo’s iconic waterfront, with Mauna Kea in the background – the problem was, due to the length of Bay, all three items could not realistically be captured in one  single (or even multiple shots for that matter).

Once we realized this, in order to bring Jessica’s vision to life, we proposed creating a custom illustration instead.

Based  off of a number of different photos, we took a “flat” graphic style approach in  rendering the classic Hawaii architecture, while playing off of the bright vibrant colors of Hilo Town.  The result is a vibrant, cheerful and stylized version of the quiet town of Hilo.

  • Client

    Salt Water Real Estate

  • Project Type

    Illustration Design

  • Illustrator

    Jonathan Zane