Aloha State Insulation Logo

Mallory Longboy, owner of Aloha State Insulation, came to us looking for help developing a logo to represent his new business.


Specializing in insulation services for commercial and residential air conditioning, Mallory wanted his logo to be simple, yet representational of the service quality and work that he and his business have to offer.


After exploring a number of designs, which featured more graphic and abstract brand marks, we ended up going with a lettermark logo design. Using the typeface Phosphate Solid as a starting point, we then began to combine and manipulate the font faces to create a more continuous design aesthetic, which was then divided into the different letterforms; giving the design the appearance of the foam tubes used to insulate the air conditioning and refrigeration pipes.

  • Client

    Aloha State Insulation

  • Project Type

    Logo Design

  • Designer

    Jonathan Zane