Matters Of The Canine Kind

Logo & Business Card

Matters of the Canine Kind was a local Oahu business that  specialized in canine behavior modification and owner education in order to enhance relationships between the owner and dog. Using a holistic approach, MCK  assesses each dog’s situation on an individual basis, helping to guide the owner towards a more gratifying, healthy relationship with their four-legged friend.


For the logo, the client wanted a type based logo design that expressed both the fun and canine oriented nature of the business. After a number of variations, we settled on using an original hand drawn font face.

Coupled with with an anamorphic lower case letter D, each letter contains its own unique set of imperfections and characteristics; with the red ball and “bouncy” lines adding a splash of color and break to the negative space.


The end result is a simple, yet warm and playful logo design which illustrates and conveys the goal of learning to have fun with your canine companion.

  • Client

    Matters Of The Canine Kind

  • Project Type

    Brand Design

  • Designer

    Jonathan Zane