Green Apron HI Logo

Green Apron HI is a local meal delivery/catering business, specializing in heart healthy and  (mostly) plant based meals to businesses and individuals in the  Honolulu area of Oahu.


Owned and operated by Chef Marc Anthony Freiberg, Green Apron HI’s mission is to provide Oahu’s businesses and working professionals with healthy, gourmet meals using the freshest in local ingredients, with a vision of becoming Hawaii’s premiere plant based caterer and meal delivery service in the next 5-7 years.


With this idea in mind, it was important that the logo should reflect both the company’s values as well as its emphasis on the local culture of sustainability in Hawaii, without becoming another organic/wellness logo cliche. 


After exploring a number of different ideas and iconography related to organic food culture, we drawn to the image of the Kalo (aka Taro plant), which is regarded by Native Hawaiians as a symbol of origin, family and sustenance.


Playing off of the natural shape of the Kalo leaf, we added a splash of red to break up the monotony of the “organic” green, as well as play off ideas regarding a “heart healthy” diet and a deep respect for the land. Coupled with an organic hand styled typeface, the brand mark serves as a simple, yet elegant symbol of the mission, values and culture behind Green Apron Hi’s brand.

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    Green Apron HI

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    Logo Design

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    Jonathan Zane