Hawaii State Commission On Fatherhood Logo

“The Hawaii State Commission on Fatherhood promotes, fosters, encourages and financially supports programs designed to educate and train men who are both current and future fathers…to be productive responsible contributors to their families.”


This particular project presented a number of exciting opportunities, as well as challenges – the biggest being the length of the name.


Approaching this particular design, we wanted the logo to not only reflect a sense of warmth, family and community, but also take those feelings and juxtapose them with the serious, educational and service oriented reputation that goes with the title of “State Commission.”


Bringing together a number of different Hawaiian symbols and references that help summarize both the mission and values of the Commission; The logo features a dark, earthy color palette, depicting a hand holding/supporting the iconic Kalo plant (which, in Hawaiian culture, represents ancestry, ohana and life), framed in the center of a roughly drawn triangle (symbolizing strength and protection in Hawaii).

  • Client

    Hawaii State Commission On Fatherhood

  • Project Type


  • Designer

    Jonathan Zane