Jason Park Sacred Jewels Of Mu

Logo Design

Local jewelry designer Jason Park initially came to us to help him vectorize a symbol he had sketched out for a new Hawaiian jewelry line he was creating; which eventually turned into Sacred Jewels of Mu.


With the opening of his flagship store on Waikiki’s famous Beach Walk next to PF Chang’s Waikiki, each of Jason’s jewelry pieces were based upon the ancient Polynesian mythology of the lost civilization of Mu (similar to the story of Atlantis).


Combining the traditional and mystical aspects of Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage with modern jewelry styles and a gothic aesthetic. Each pendent created by Sacred Jewels of Mu was a unique take on fashion and Hawaiian mythology; crafted with intricate details and hand embedded precious gem stones.


The final logo combines Jason’s initial image mark, along with a modified, decorative font design; representing the intricate details and gothic elements of Jason’s signature hand crafted jewelry pieces.

*Note: Jason later sold the business, which continued to operate under the name of Sacred Jewels of Mu for a number of years before closing permanently in 2017.

  • Client

    Jason Park Designs

  • Project Type

    Logo Design

  • Designer

    Jonathan Zane