Our Spirits Carry Our Voices

Cover Design & Book Layout

West Oakland to “West Africa provides a sustained exchange to connect members of the African diaspora and Africa through creative writing…to deliver innovative and authentic forms of writing and to engage the medium of spoken word to shape and define the narratives of the diaspora; to allow a visceral and uncensored critique of social systems through artistic expression.”


Edited by Karla Brundage and published by Pacific Raven Press, Our Spirits Carry Our Voices is a collection of collaborative linked-verse poetry by Black writers from West Oakland and West Africa; and deals with a range of topics from identity and culture to systemic racism and politics.


With artwork by Nana Boatang, the book features a mix of custom and stock typography to help compliment the color, energy and visceral quality of the text.

  • Client

    Pacific Raven Press

  • Project Type

    Book Design

  • Creative Director

    Jonathan Zane

  • Cover Artist

    Nana Boatang