Salt Water Real Estate Logo

Salt Water Real Estate is a full service Real Estate Sales firm and Short Term Vacation Rental Company, located on the beautiful east side of the Big Island, based on the idea that “Salt Water Heals Everything.”


When it came to creating the logo, and overall aesthetic of the Salt Water brand, we started with the owner’s love of  the ocean and Mid Century Modern design; researching a number of various art pieces by prominent mid century artists/designers such as Gustav Klimt and Frank Lloyd Wright.


With its limited 3 color palette and an abstract, Klimt inspired, decorative representation of the sun and sea; the finished logo invites viewers to bask in the owner’s vision of  a life filled with the warmth, playfulness and joy of living here in Hawaii.

  • Client

    Salt Water Real Estate LLC

  • Project Type

    Logo Design

  • Designer

    Jonathan Zane