Prime Physical Therapy

Brand Design

Specializing in home care and severe injury cases, Prime Physical Therapy’s main objective is to create long lasting relationships with both Primary Care Physicians and elderly patients suffering from pain due to either accidents or age. Considering the personalized care and healing treatment that Prime PT offers its patients; we wanted to brand and market the company as a comprehensive and caring approach to Physical Therapy.


Creating an entire brand/marketing suite, we first started by using the iconic imagery of a rhythmic gymnast to illustrate the idea and basic human desire of a eternal youth and life without pain; the finished logo mark conveys a sense of vitality and movement, while subtly conveying the love and caring attention owner Dr. Kai Morigawara gives to each and every one of his patients.

  • Client

    Prime PT

  • Project Type

    Branding Design

  • Designer

    Jonathan Zane