The “Hustler’s Paradox”

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July 18, 2018


Does this sound familiar? Today you can literally find hundreds of similar motivational memes and inspirational business quotes praising the virtues of the dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice that comes with the territory of owning your own business.

And the reason being is that, as small business owners and independent contractors, we literally need all the help and encouragement we can get…because working your ass off 24/7, 365 sucks!

The Hustler’s Paradox

Today everyone seems to be all about the “Hustle,” and love wearing it like a badge of honor…but unless you’re a work-a-holic, there will eventually come a point where you realize that, while you might be making more money, you no longer have the time, energy or freedom to truly enjoy it.

Which then begs the question: Is it possible to truly separate the business from your personal life?

If your answer to that is: “No, my business is my life…”

Then Congratulations, you’ve just become a slave to your own business! Ironic, isn’t it?

Finding A System

Depressed yet?

While it’s probably impossible to truly separate yourself from your business, rather than become a victim of the Hustler’s Paradox – instead, you should make it your goal to: “Make more, Work less.”

To do that however, you need a System that will help take the load off your shoulders and start doing the busy work for you…Which is why we’d like to spend a few minutes talking about Branding.

Now for those of you who are thinking, “What are you talking about? I already have a logo, and it’s not doing anything for me…”

Today I’d like you to instead think of your Branding, or better yet, “Brand System,” as not just a cool looking logo or sign, but rather, a living, breathing organism, filled with:

  • Personality
  • Values
  • Ideas, and
  • Experiences
In other words, your Brand System is what:
  • Separates you from your competitors
  • Creates value
  • Encourages customer loyalty and referral business
  • Drives sales and ultimately…

Putting Your System To Work

Now I think it goes without saying that years of research and development have gone into creating multi-billion dollar brands like Apple and Nike.

But regardless of the size or age of the business, every one of them has started their Brand System by answering the following questions:

  1. What are the products/services you are selling?
  2. Who is most likely to purchase them from you?
  3. How will your products/services make their lives better?
  4. What type of brand/business experience do you want them to have?
  5. In one word: How do you want people to describe your business/brand?
While these questions are just the tip of the iceberg, once you have answered them, you can begin working on getting a basic Brand System up and running; eventually moving on to setting up other complex systems (such as Marketing and Sales), which will help to:
  • Prequalify potential customers/clients, which…
  • Decreases the amount of time you spend prospecting/selling, leading to…
  • Higher conversion rates, due to…
  • An increase in qualified leads/referrals, resulting in…
  • Better ROI and ultimately…
  • The freedom to focus on what really matters, which is…
  • “Make More, Work Less!”

Need help creating a System that will start working for you?

Click HERE to Schedule A Complimentary Strategy Session to go over your current brand/marketing system and discuss ways we can get it to really start working for you!



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